Affair Recovery

Affair Recovery

Hope and Healing
are possible for you.

If you’re like every one of the thousands of couples we’ve helped, you never imagined looking into a course on affair recovery... but here you are. And the truth is, nobody plans on dealing with the devastation of an affair and many don’t even know how to process it or where to begin.

That’s why we made this course.

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About 40% of couples will experience infidelity at some point in their marriage.

Sadly, many individuals and couples try to move forward alone or without resources that could have given them footing in confusing times.

We believe this course will empower you with hope and set you on a path toward wholeness, no matter what happens in your marriage.

This course is about...

A Detailed Guide

No matter where you are in the recovery process, you will learn how to create a plan for what to do next.

Personal Healing

Learn how to overcome the pain of an affair, work through emotional triggers, and start the forgiveness process.

Authentic Conversation

Get practical advice from Casey and Meygan Caston who've walked hundreds of couples through affair recovery.

A Way Forward

Each couple has unique challenges when it comes to moving forward. We give you tools for how to understand what’s best for you.

Stories of Hope

"No matter how bad the affair was, no matter where you’re at in the recovery process, do yourself a favor and get this course. It changed my entire perspective and helped me see my spouse’s pain."

- Jason

"We were separated for over a year after the affair was revealed and needed to make the decision if we should end our marriage. This course gave me the courage to fight one last time and taught me how to acknowledge my part, heal my pain, and most importantly, rebuild the trust that was non-existent. We still have a long way to go but we now know what we need to do to keep moving forward, together."

- Danielle

"Not the course I ever saw myself going through but so glad I signed up and showed up. I needed a step by step plan on what to expect during these few months of affair recovery and this course gave it to me and then some. The videos are helpful and insightful and at times, very challenging but it’s exactly what I needed to go through. Highly recommend this course."

- Leah

"Two affairs, lots of fights that turned ugly and we’re writing this proudly that we made it through affair recovery and are more in love than ever before. We didn’t think it was possible but it is. Our best advice, trust Casey and Meygan through the process. Show up, be willing to learn and own your part, take this course seriously and you will see change in your marriage. It’s true what they say...hope and healing is ahead for you."

- Hannah and Steve

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