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6 Facts About the Clitoris

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Hello Clitoris! 

Pronounced clit-er-iss.

The clitoris can overwhelm many couples in the bedroom and it’s time to inform and educate you on all of the wonderful facts about this unique body part. 

#1 – The clitoris is basically a female penis and while this may sound odd, it’s true! While it may have a different appearance than the penis, they both develop with a similar structure. 

Did you know that the clitoris swells when aroused? Pretty fascinating, right?  

#2 – It’s sensitive… very, very sensitive. In fact, you can feel pain if too much pressure is applied to it. The clitoris has the most nerve endings per square inch of any part of the human body, which is why it’s so sensitive to touch. 

#3 – 70-80% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. Vaginal penetration can help stimulate an orgasm, but the clitoris is the main source. 

#4 – Its only function is for pleasure! How lucky are we ladies? We have a body part that doesn’t serve any other purpose. 

#5 – Stimulation can be applied directly to the clitoris, internally through the vagina, and/or through stimulation of the other parts of the vulva by using fingers, vibrators, and the tongue. 

#6 – Over 65% of women who struggle to orgasm have found success when they educated themselves and learned more about their clitoris. So, if you haven’t been enjoying sex, know that there’s hope!  

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