Online Premarital Course



HAPPILY EVER AFTER is our online premarital course designed for seriously dating, engaged and newlywed couples. This course covers all the basics to make sure that you have a healthy, thriving relationship.

Like most couples, dating was fun and we assumed that it would always be this easy. However, within months we realized just how underprepared we were to have healthy conversations around sex, money, in-laws, conflict, and generally how to work as a team.

Backed by scientific research and life experience, you will learn the essential techniques of successful relationships that keep the connection alive. Access to this course includes 6 teaching videos, downloadable worksheets, and a bonus section with additional resources.

Our course is fun, practical, authentic, and enjoyable….we know it will help you find your happily ever after!

NOTE: After purchasing this course, we will send you an email that will provide you a link to access this course. You will will login using your email address and a password that you create. Once you take our assessment, you’ll have immediate access to all course content.