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Get ready for a different kind of marriage book. We give you the questions and all you have to do is ask!

The #1 way to build emotional connection is
by asking open-ended questions.

Use the questions in our books to spark meaningful
conversations and begin the journey of deeper connection.

Our Books

365 Connecting Questions for Couples

Over 30,000 copies sold in 72 countries. This book quickly brings emotional connection.




Example Questions from Our Books

When you come home from work, what can I do or say that will make you feel the most loved?

365 Questions for Couples - January 15

What should we do if we end up having mismatched sex drives once we get married?

365 Questions for Engaged Couples - June 11

Is there anything you have been longing for that might spice up our sex life?

365 Connecting Questions for Couples - March 4

Do you feel like you have realistic expectations of others? Why or why not

365 Questions for Self-Discovery - September 14

How should household chores be divided between us? Explain

365 Questions for Engaged Couples - September 18

Do you think that telling the truth is always right even if it hurts someone’s feelings?

365 Questions for Family- May 3


365 Connecting Questions for Families

Parents... your children’s emotional and mental health should be top priority. This book will get your kids talking, sharing, and connecting. Perfect for ages 6+.



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- Team Cook

Casey & Meygan - you guys are authentic, funny and so helpful. Not sure if we could’ve made it this far without your help!

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After years of therapy and seeing little results, your membership was a breath of fresh air to my soul

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365 Questions for Engaged Couples

Get to know your fiancé in a deeper and more emotionally connected way with open-ended questions! We can't say enough how important this is for engaged and newly married couples. 




365 Self Discovery Questions

The questions in this book will start you on the journey toward becoming more emotionally healthy, confident, and self-aware. You can use the questions as journal prompts, with a group of friends, or with your spouse.




365 Preguntas de Connexion para Parejas.

Our popular book 365 Connecting Questions for Couples is now available in Spanish!



Ways to Engage with our Books

By Date

For each day of the year, there is one Connecting Question. Turn to the date of the year and take turns asking the question listed. You don't need to start on January 1 - any day is a great day to start!

By Topic

If there’s a specific area you want to work on, pick a question by topic using the index in the back of the book.

As Journal Prompts

We include blank pages at the back of the book for you to write down any notes, feelings, or things that stand out to you. You can also use your own journal.

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