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Our Story

Meet the couple least likely to succeed in marriage.

We met in college, fell quickly in love, got engaged, said I do, and then…

By our 3rd year of marriage, we had grown apart, fallen out of love, and were heading straight for divorce.

We were ashamed and embarrassed and felt like there was nothing we could do about it. After years of begging Casey to get help for our marriage and never getting a response, I (Meygan) decided to give it one more shot and learned if you want to make a better marriage, it starts by making a better you. I stopped focusing on what he was and wasn’t doing and focused on what I could control… myself! Over time, I had done a complete 180. I was no longer the unhealthy spouse and knew that if this marriage failed, it would be on him… I had done what I could. Casey saw the change in me and it made him want the same for himself and for our marriage.

We didn’t want to be the next divorce statistic so we began searching for ways to educate ourselves on how to do marriage the right way.

We read nearly every marriage book, went to marriage intensives, got ourselves into therapy, surrounded ourselves with healthy couples, started owning our mistakes, and learned how to communicate and listen to each other. The process was long and tedious and difficult to piece together. But… the transformation was drastic and we were able to go from hating each other to falling back in love like never before.

We knew we weren’t alone in trying to find resources in one convenient place that actually worked (and were affordable), so we decided to do something about it.

With our unique perspective as a husband and wife team, we knew that the tools and techniques we learned and developed along the way had to be shared with others. This is why we created Marriage365.

We believe nobody should settle for an average marriage, so we’ve devoted our lives to providing tools that will prevent just that!

With over 12,000 members, Marriage365 Membership offers marriage solutions for everyday couples. Anytime. Anywhere.

Healthy people who know how to show up and connect with others is what we long to see happen in the world!

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