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If you're stuck and needing some help, you're in the right place! Our life & marriage coaches will help you become the healthiest version of yourself!

Online coaching is a great fit if you're needing accountability, looking to heal emotionally, and want to create healthy habits that will positively impact your life.

Our Coaches

Vanessa Hogan

Vanessa specializes in teaching couples and/or individuals how to: Communicate their needs in a healthy way, Heal from past hurts as they work through the process of forgiveness, rebuilding trust and creating healthy boundaries, Strengthen emotional connection, Learn healthy conflict resolution, Affair recovery, Physical intimacy, How to love your spouse they ways that they need to be loved, And, so much more....

Vanessa has a passion to help both individuals and couples become healthier, mentally and emotionally, and more self-aware by providing ongoing accountability.


Phil Wood

Phil specializes in teaching couples how to see and understand one another. With two decades of experience, he is skilled at walking alongside couples, motivating change and providing practical strategies in how to forgive, listen, and really enjoy each other. He specifically has a passion to empower husbands to live into their fullest selves.

Jen Wood

Jen specializes in helping couples identify root issues in their relationship and in discerning how to best help them move forward to health and wholeness. With two decades of experience, Jen helps motivate couples to make changes in their marriage for emotional connection. She has a passion to help both individuals and couples live aligned and in authenticity.


Phil and Jen Wood

Phil and Jen specialize in working as a team in order to help couples thrive. Their unique husband/wife perspective, along with decades of experience creates an intentional environment where clients feel seen and supported in order to make desired changes in their relationship. Phil and Jen have a passion to see couples respect and enjoy each other.

Every person who values their spouse and wants to have a kick ass marriage should follow Marriage365.

- Trisha

Marriage365 saved my marriage from falling apart! Your advice is the best out there!

- Katherine

To say that we’re superfans is an understatement. You two have radically changed the dynamic of our marriage in more ways than one.

- Team Cook

Casey & Meygan - you guys are authentic, funny and so helpful. Not sure if we could’ve made it this far without your help!

- Nancy & Jared

After years of therapy and seeing little results, your membership was a breath of fresh air to my soul

- Rebecca

I’m a long time follower and member and can honestly say that Marriage365 is the most practical and helpful marriage resource available. I’m obsessed.

- Vivian

Authentic + Helpful + Innovative + Honest + Fun = Marriage365

- Anna & Lane

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