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Start the New Year with 365 Days of Marriage Growth and SAVE 56%!
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Start the New Year with 365 Days of Marriage Growth and SAVE 56%!
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Don’t miss our BEST DEALS of the year!
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Don’t miss our BEST DEALS of the year!
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Don’t miss our BEST DEALS of the year!
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Marriage Intensives

When 1-hour counseling sessions can’t get to the root issues in a struggling relationship, our intensive program will help you achieve the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

"Help! We're through!"

Has therapy failed?

Are you in a crisis?

Are you and your spouse completely stuck, unable to work through any conflict that comes your way?

Is this a last-ditch effort to figure out if you have what it takes to make it?  

Is a Marriage365 Intensive right for you?

At this point, your marriage is in a really bad place in multiple areas and you’re both emotionally drained. Maybe you’re considering separation or divorce, or perhaps suffering from an affair or years of resentment and anger. You’re not sure how to heal the past and move forward together. 

Consider the Marriage365 Two-Day Intensive as a viable option before making any decisions to walk away from the marriage. Having experienced it ourselves and witnessed many couples who were once completely hopeless find restoration and healing, this process is powerful enough to end years of animosity and bring back the hope you long for.

Get TWO full days of uninterrupted time to work on your marriage, speed up the healing process, and have clarity on how to heal and move forward.

Marriage365 Two-Day Intensive

No marriage is the same; therefore, no intensive is the same. Intensives will include an assessment that will analyze your relationship style, giving us the ability to target your needs quickly. 

*pricing can be found in the FAQ’s


Day 1 is all about figuring out what got you to this point. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll learn about your childhood, your highs and lows in life, your strengths and insecurities, and all about your relationship — the patterns, fight cycles, and all the events that contributed to the current state of your marriage. 

What to Expect in Couples Counseling


The first half of Day 2 is all about healing. No matter what ends up happening in your marriage, both spouses must find healing in order to move forward.

We’ll help you start the healing process through learning how to give proper apologies and giving and receiving forgiveness from your partner.  

A Plan Forward

Now that we’ve made so much progress, we need a plan forward. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So the second half of Day 2 is spent creating a 90-day plan forward. 

This plan will outline daily and weekly action steps that are unique to your marriage needs and circumstances. 

Follow-Up: During the 90 days post-intensive, we’ll do 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day virtual check-ins to assess your progress and help in any areas where you’re stuck or struggling.  

The Secrets to Making Decisions as a Couple

2 Years' Worth of Therapy in 2 Days

“My wife and I were considering separation and decided to attend the two-day marriage intensive in Orange County. We chose to be fully present and open to the process hoping to gain some perspective on which direction we should go in our relationship. Casey was transparent about their struggles and didn’t hold anything back when it came to our issues. That was the safest environment we’ve ever been in and we were able to move past many of the issues we were struggling with for years. I can honestly say that I went from having no respect for my wife to now worshipping the ground she walks on. They helped me see her in a completely different way and I fell back in love with her all over again. Though the past couple of months have had some ups and downs, the tools he taught us have helped up move past arguments without killing each other. We are so grateful for the intensive and would recommend every hurting couple to go through it.”

Charles and Sarah


  • Intensive with both Casey & Meygan – $8000*
  • Intensive with Casey – $4400*
  • Intensive with Casey and one Marriage365 coach – $5600*
  • Intensive with two Marriage365 coaches – $4600*
  • Intensive with one Marriage365 coach – $3000*

*Transportation, lodging, and the cost of the venue are paid for by the couple, whether we come to you or you come to us.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve the dates and the remaining balance is due the week before the intensive.

Casey & Meygan are currently booking January, 2024.

Intensives typically take place in Orange County, CA, but can also be in a remote location such as the couple’s hometown. Transportation, lodging, and the cost of the venue are paid for by the couple, whether we come to you or you come to us.

**If you are unable to travel, an online alternative may be possible.

Intensives are hosted in a safe and comfortable location, typically a living room that is booked by the couple through Airbnb or Vrbo. All venues will need to be researched by Marriage365 before reserving to ensure the location will be able to set the right tone. We do NOT hold intensives at the couple’s home.

To learn more about Marriage365 Intensives, please fill out the form below. 

Couples that have gone through an interview process to assess the state of their marriage will be eligible to move forward to book an intensive.

Casey, Meygan, and our Marriage365 coaches are not licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. However, they are trained Marriage Coaches and have undergone specific training for marriage bootcamps and marriage intensives. They  have counseled many couples through marriage intensives with a 90% success rate.

Casey and Meygan have even gone through a marriage intensive themselves as part of their own healing and repairing journey. 

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Casey & Meygan

If you don’t know Casey and Meygan’s story, by their 3rd year of marriage they were miserable and headed straight for divorce.

As part of their healing and repairing journey, Casey and Meygan participated in a marriage intensive, and it was life-changing for them. It was so powerful, in fact, that when they started Marriage365 they made sure to get trained in facilitating marriage intensives to help other struggling couples. 

Casey and Meygan will draw on their own personal experience, as well as their training in marriage bootcamps and marriage intensives and experience helping many other couples, to guide you through this process. 

casey and meygan