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13 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Here’s the thing: Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic, not expensive.

We need to do away with the idea that romance always has to cost an arm and a leg. It doesn’t. If you have the resources available and you want to spend a lot on your spouse, that’s amazing. Do it and have fun with it! But what we see happen often is that people feel like they “don’t have the money” so they just don’t try at all. We, in good conscience, cannot let you do that!

So, if you are stuck trying to figure out how to best romance your spouse this Valentine’s Day, here are some gift ideas for you:

1. A book that makes a difference

The best gift you could give your spouse is the gift of connection, and Marriage365 has several books that can help with that! Simply take turns asking each other a question a day for an entire year, and watch as you learn more about yourself and your spouse.

2. Plan and re-create your first Valentine’s Day together

Really pull out all the stops! Have fun trying to dress the same, eat the same food, do the same things! And if this is your first Valentine’s Day together, document it as much as you can so you can keep re-creating it!

3. Flowers all year round

Plant your spouse’s favorite flower, vegetable, herb, or tree in the yard to enjoy all year long.

4. A membership to Marriage365

What is more romantic than telling your spouse you want to spend the next 365 days connecting deeply with them through our videos, worksheets, connecting questions, sex tips, and date ideas?! It will be the gift that keeps on giving, and you’ll be so glad you did it! Check it out HERE.

5. Handwriting Bracelet

This will score mega points with your wife! Write “I love you.” and have it made into a bracelet in your handwriting.

6. Acts of Service

Take care of all of the laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, or any other tasks your spouse usually does and invite them to put their feet up and relax however they want to! Make sure you cook dinner for them and clean up after, too.

7. Words of Affirmation

Write your spouse a letter and in the letter make sure you include something encouraging for them. Write something you love about their personality, something you notice they do but usually don’t mention, or something you find sexy about them!

8. Gifts

Check their Amazon wish list, Pinterest boards, or pick out something special you know they’ve had their eye on for a while but won’t buy for themselves (like a name brand piece of clothing or a new gadget).

9. Physical Touch

Spend the evening touching your spouse…in every way! Give them a sensual massage, spend time cuddling them, and make sex all about pleasing them, too!

10. Quality Time

Let your spouse know that they need to take a day off of work and spend the entire day doing all of his/her favorite things…together. Even if it’s not done ON Valentine’s Day, do it during the week leading up to the day! If it’s video games, play together. If it’s pottery, do it together. If it’s window shopping, do it together.

11. The Night Sky

Grab a map of the stars on the night you first kissed, got engaged, got married, or any other important night of your life. So memorable and romantic! ✨

12. Get a 100 Movie Scratch-Off Poster (and a Popcorn Maker!)

Have a spouse who loves movies? Grab this really cool scratch-off poster and watch all 100 movies on it together!

13. Cookbook and aprons

Grab a new cookbook and some aprons and spend the night cooking a full course meal together! Drinks, appetizers, main course, and of course dessert!

**BONUS: If you really want to spoil your spouse, surprise them with two tickets to our couples retreat!

Written by Anna Collins
Anna Collins lives in California with her husband and two children. She is passionate about her marriage, staying at home with her kids, writing, coffee, good conversation, and game night. Her life dream is to someday write a book and see it published.

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