23 Valentine’s Texts to Send Your Spouse


Valentine’s Day is all about romance, connection and reminding your spouse that you still love them.

Here are some funny, sexy and romantic texts to send your spouse that are sure to bring a smile on their face:

  • If I could open my heart for you, you’d see just how much I love you. ❤️

  • Baby, Yoda one for me! 💚

  • I promise to always be by your side, or under you, or on top! Happy Valentine’s Day!❣️

  • You’re my stud muffin!🧁

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, we should make love, let me know if you think so too.🌹

  • I’m bananas for you. Let’s never split! 🍌

  • You still give me butterflies! 🦋

  • You + me + wine – our clothes = Valentine’s Day!🍷

  • Your smile sets my heart on fire.🔥

  • This will definitely be a kids-in-bed-early kind of night. XOXOXO 🛏

  • If I loved you anymore I’d burst!💥

  • Here’s a CHEESY Valentine’s Day text for you… I’m Blue without you. Brie mine. Life is Gouda with you. We’re Cheddar together.🧀

  • Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for me to tell you how wonderful you make me feel! 🥰

  • Let’s buy a box of chocolates and eat them off of each other tonight! 🍫

  • Thanks for all the orgasms!⚡️

  • One part knight in shining armor, one part Mr. Fix-it, 100% the love of my life! Happy Valentine’s Day! ♞⚒❤️

  • I love you every day, not just on Valentine’s Day!📅

  • I opened my box of candy hearts and the first one I grabbed said SOULMATES – I knew it!💞

  • Lets taco bout how much I love you.🌮

  • To the most beautiful person I’ve ever met – please be my Valentine?💌

  • Everyone says you only fall in love once. But that’s not true because every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.❤️

  • You’re my favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day.💋

  • How did I get so lucky? You’re the only Valentine for me, gorgeous!🍀

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Written by Meygan Caston 
Meygan Caston is the co-founder of Marriage365 and lives in sunny Southern California with her husband Casey, their two children, and dog Hobie. She loves her family, the beach, writing, spa days, and helping couples connect in their marriage. Her life long dream is to live with the Amish for a month, walk the Camino, and have lunch with Brené Brown.

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