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5 Sex Positions for Her

WARNING! For mature audiences only

Who doesn’t want to experience a deep, mind-blowing orgasm!? I do, and I bet you do too! The tricky part is figuring out new ways to get there and keep you there, yeah? Well, here at Marriage365, we want to be the Oprah of orgasmic ideas (You get an orgasm! You get an orgasm! YOU get an orgasm! Everyone gets an orgasm!) 

Here are 5 sex positions to try together to try to achieve that deeper O!

The Pretzel

The female partner lays on her right side while the male partner straddles the woman’s right leg and wraps her left leg around his left side. This position allows the male partner to control how deep he goes while still making eye contact possible. It also allows for a lot of clitoral stimulation as fast or as slow as desired. O yes!

The Stick Shift

Have the male partner lay on his back with his legs closed and the female partner straddles him with her back toward his face. This position allows for the woman to control the depth of penetration and gives her every benefit of that good ol’ stick shift in control feeling. She can squat and move up, down, left, right, forward, or backward as she pleases. He can grab and play with her breasts from behind or rub her body while she rides deep. OoOOoO.

The Big Spoon / Little Spoon

The female is the little spoon and the male is the big spoon. Both partners lay spooning with legs slightly bent so that he can enter her from behind while using his hands to stimulate her clitoris or play with her breasts and body. This position can offer an incredible sensation with deep penetration like you’d never believe until you try it! O, YEAH

The “Hold Me Close”

Partner A sits up cross-legged while Partner B sits facing/on them and wraps their legs around partner A’s back. Hold each other and rock back and forth for that sweet deep orgasm you’re both anticipating! This allows for a lot of eye contact and passionate kissing, and since your legs are doing all the work, your hands are free to play! O..OO!

The Pinball Master

You know you’re good at pinball when you push the right buttons at the right time and that’s what this position allows for! The female leans back into a partial bridge position with the majority of the weight on her shoulders and her pelvis thrust upward while the male enters her while on his knees. Ladies, you can always prop your hips with a couple of firm pillows if needed. He holds her waist for support and can penetrate deeply until you hear O-hh BABY.  


Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee an orgasm every time, but we can guarantee you’ll have fun together and connect on a more intimate level if you keep practicing.   


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Written by Anna Collins

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