Oral Sex & Marriage – Yes, We’re Going to Talk About That




I recently picked up a copy of Cosmo while waiting in line at the grocery store and just about dropped the magazine to the floor as I read the piece of “wisdom” to women on how to get your man to give you oral sex. Listen to this:


“Withholding oral sex from him may be the one thing that snaps him out of his self-absorbed state. If not, you may have to accept that some guys are truly oral-averse. If you decide that you can’t be with someone who doesn’t love pleasuring you,” says Waxman, “let him go and start dating one of the gazillions of men who do.”

Is this the advice that we’ve succumbed too? Are we really buying this?

If I understand the research and the timeless truths that make marriage work, marriage is not about what you can get but what you can give. But alas, we live in a culture that is ME FIRST. It’s all about selfies, and my wants, my way, and I’m right. We live in a time where if you are not happy, you move on to the next partner. If only I could have a cup of coffee with the editor at Cosmo and give her a piece of my mind… sorry, back to the point.

Here’s the picture of a healthy marriage: two people come together (no pun intended!), and they lead with an attitude of serving one other – no strings attached. True, unconditional, unselfish love is about choosing love even if, not just loving each other if. When couples put this kind of love in practice and in all areas of their marriage, it always comes back 100 fold and feels even more gratifying because you didn’t have to manipulate to get it.

I think this is why oral sex is a significant conversation to have with your spouse.

Oral sex has more to do with what you can give to your partner rather than get. It’s wrapped in the ability to deliver absolute pleasure to your spouse. The recipient experiences such a security in knowing that their partner is willing and desires them so much so that it leads to a healthy and thriving sex life. 

In the bedroom, do you come with an attitude that you will only love your partner if they give you what you want, like Cosmo suggested? Or do you enter the bedroom with an attitude of giving love even if your partner doesn’t? Someone has to start… and since you’re reading this, yes, that means you

A few oral sex techniques and things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget that some additional hand-action will make your oral technique irresistible, so ensure your nails are filed and your hands are clean.

  • Share a steamy and sexy bath/shower first, especially if you’ve been out all day. That way there’s no embarrassment that either of you might be smelly.

  • If taste’s a worry, find some smooth yummy chocolate sauce, fruit yogurt, coconut oil or honey – anything that won’t irritate your partner’s skin. Keep a wipe or washcloth nearby for easy clean-up.

  • Remember: the way you taste is affected by what you’ve eaten – spicy and salty foods alter this.

  • Always take a slow, slow approach to oral sex.

  • Husbands, ask your wife if she is okay with you climaxing in her mouth. While some women love it, others hate it, so be sure to consider what she wants.

  • Husbands, make sure your wife knows that she is the object of your desire – not simply that you’re horny!

A little food for thought:  Bedroom etiquette is crucial, so if you want to receive oral sex, you need to be prepared to give it! 

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4 thoughts on “Oral Sex & Marriage – Yes, We’re Going to Talk About That”

  1. What if your issue is that you love to give oral sex, your spouse says you do a great job but they can’t take the intensity nor the frequency in which your give oral sex? How do you pull back without feeling neglected or rejected?

  2. Such a good read.. Oral sex is so important.. more couples should follow the advice in This article could help save some marriages

  3. Great read! I would like to add 1 little tip for couples if I may. This is a must, have a open conversation about oral sex with your partner. Ask them if there’s anything the prefer while you do your magic. Believe you me when I say I thought I was the best of the best. But it turned out that I wasn’t that great. Or maybe they think the technique they use is the greatest of all time. By having this open communication will show you’re really into giving them the best of you. Make a game out of it or even a fantasy. “ If you direct them, you will CUM!”

  4. I love giving oral sex! My spouse doesn’t like to give or receive. What
    am I to do? Pleasuring her is important to me.

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