Our Bucket List


We are the couple who is always looking for the next adventure.

I think it’s extremely important for couples to dream together and create goals for their future. It helps build security and trust in the marriage. So we have this ever evolving bucket list we created years ago and as we think of things, we just add them to the list. If you’re looking for new adventures with your mate, here is some inspiration for you.

Our Bucket List:

  • Plan a trip to Europe for Meygan’s 40th birthday

  • Go to the Jimmy Fallon Show

  • Be the house on the block with the most Christmas lights ✔️

  • Go to a rodeo in Texas

  • Walk the Camino De Compostela (google it!)

  • Take a cooking class at the junior college

  • Attend a Jack Johnson concert

  • Sing Karaoke together at a dive bar

  • Buy a Vespa

  • Go skinny dipping

  • Go indoor skydiving

  • Live with the Amish for a month

  • Buy a standard poodle and name her Gidget

  • Meet Brené Brown

  • Write a book ✔️(We did it! Get your copy of 365 Connecting Questions here!)

  • Get on the Price is Right ✔️ (We had a BLAST!)

  • See a Broadway musical in New York City ✔️

  • Learn how to play golf ✔️

  • Go on a safari in Africa

  • Learn a magic trick

So, what’s on your bucket list?

If you’re looking for ways to build your friendship and set goals together, be sure to check out our webcast 7 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy here!

Written by Meygan Caston

Meygan Caston is the co-founder of Marriage365 and lives in Orange County, California with her husband Casey and their two children. She loves the beach, dance parties, writing, spa days, and helping couples connect in their marriage. Her life-long dream is to walk the Camino and have lunch with Brené Brown.

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18 thoughts on “Our Bucket List”

  1. A bucket list is a great idea! My husband and I talk about it, but dont write it down. Some of our ideas…
    Visit Rio de Janerio
    Read the bible (front to back) together
    Watch the Superbowl in person
    Meet the President
    Go to the Kentucky Derby, wear a crazy hat and drink a mint julep

  2. I love the first item on the list. Talking in accents is one thing that not only cheers me up but my husband and I always end up laughing. He has a tendency to flow from one accent to the next and it is great. I really like the idea of creating a bucket list together. I know what we are doing this weekend!

  3. Spend a week in a cabin over the ocean in the south Pacific
    Ride motorcycles down the Pacific coast highway

    See a Broadway musical

  4. This is such a great list! The African Safari is definitely on our bucket list too!! Thanks for inspiring me in my marriage daily!

  5. Brian Christensen

    2 of my 5 children have had bucket list…..told em about the most famous bucket listers….John Goddard ….a long time ago. My daughters includes some unusual ones…”Break or sprain a leg” and along list of ‘not for the faint of heart’.

  6. Swim with dolphinsVacation to Bora Bora and stay in a hut on the water
    Stay a weekend in a fancy hotel with no technology
    Build a treehouse
    Star gaze in the bed of the truck

  7. Having done some of the items on our unofficial Bucket List, here is what I have:European Vacation (Germany, Norway in 2014)
    Alaska cruise (Planning this for our 50th Anniversary)
    Hot Air Balloon ride
    Mediterranean Cruise
    Visit the Holy Land
    Visit the Ground Zero Memorial in NYC, Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania

  8. Communication is a definite plus! We have weekly meetings to reconnect of how our week went and what we can do better for our marriage! Our bucket list contains all inclusive carribean vacation, taking a photography class, going to at least 6 concerts a year of variety of music

  9. We made a bucket list and it had our attention, then we had kids…. And its been hard to get back to pay attention.

  10. Creating a combined bucket list is on my personal bucket list. Also, to visit Haiti, design and build a house, and record a cd together.

  11. I love this I personal have never thought about making a bucket list until I seen I could make one with my husband we’ve been together 9 years married going on 7 we have 4 wonderful children starting at 17 mine from a previous relationship then 8, 4, and our peanut almost 5 months we live and small town and we don’t even have a stop light out marriage isn’t where I want it to be I grew up in a broken home so wasn’t sure how the whole marriage thing worked but we are working on it

  12. I love you guys. Clearly your golf goal doesn’t come from much golf knowledge. One does not play golf. One golfs. Similar to I don’t play bowling; I bowl. Too cute. Love the idea of a bucket list for couple or family. I love all you do for couples and proud of your ministry of saving marriages and families.

    1. “In the lexicon of serious golfers, ‘golf’ is exclusively a noun.

      “Serious golfers play golf. They never golf or go golfing.”

      Another reader, Mary Boyd Click, wrote, “[I]n defense of golfers everywhere, someone please tell op-ed writer Matthew Algeo, all readers and the world that ‘golf’ is not a verb.

      Taken from a washington post article. Just so you aren’t spreading misinformation. ❤️

  13. criv7thal@yahoo.com

    Ahah so good some of yours we alreasy have for exemple we bought a vespa 2 years ago and we love it ! We love to go on a romantic date with it ! p.s if you plan to come to europe, you are really welcome in Switzerland at our house 🙂 let us know…
    European followers Cristelle & Ronny 🙂

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