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Sparklers in the Streets, Fireworks in the Sheets

WARNING! For mature audiences only

Though the 4th of July is observed as “Independence Day”, it is also a longstanding tradition for us to celebrate our freedom to be TOGETHER in a way that is our own. It is our honor and privilege to create the dynamics in our respective relationships, including the bedroom! As we always say, “We teach people how to treat us.” That includes sexually! So, if you’re looking for climactic, fun, and explosive new sex positions to try this Fourth of July, we got you. Use these experiences to teach your partner what feels good AND what doesn’t. Anytime you and your partner try something new together in the bedroom, it is very important not to fake an orgasm or to pretend something feels good when it doesn’t! It’s OKAY if something doesn’t work for you; learning what you like and don’t like and communicating these desires contributes to the freedom of sexual expression.      

Street Sparklers

This one is all about foreplay and building intimacy. How To Do It: Lay side by side facing one another. Begin at your partner’s face with gentle, light tickle touches and add in some light kisses as is pleasurable. As you go down their body and reach the feet, slowly move back up their body with a deeper massage. As you draw closer to the pelvic area, move your hands closer and closer, as teasing and playfully as possible, then move away to continue intermittent tickles and massages. Do this 2 or 3 times, up and down the body, alternating rhythmically between light tickle touches and deeper massaging. Then, trade! (unless it feels so good for your partner that you decide to keep going until climax, THEN trade 😉 Connection is the Goal!   

The Lady Liberty Lift

Like Lady Liberty, this position models strength and support, to lift one another higher, and to represent connection. It also builds emotional intimacy and emotional connection because it requires communication about what feels good and what doesn’t! How To Do It: Stand or kneel while your partner wraps their legs around your waist. Engaging in this position will test your strength and balance and will also emphasize the trust between you both. As you move and find what feels good, communicate and enjoy the lifted experience! 

The Patriotic Pendulum

The rocking motion of this position helps build up to the pleasure you’re looking for! How To Do It: One of you will lay on your back with your knees bent. Your partner will straddle you facing either toward or away from you, your choice! Begin rocking back and forth, as rhythmically as possible. Start slowly, then pick up the pace as it feels best to you both. The rocking motion mimics the swinging of a pendulum, a connecting and soothing experience.

The Finale

This one is all about building up to the climax of the show! How To Do It: One of you will kneel at the edge of the bed and face your partner who is lying on their back with their legs placed on top of your shoulders. The partner kneeling at the edge of the bed will control the depth and intensity eventually building up to an explosive climax!    CONNECTION CHALLENGE: Try all four and discuss with each other which one was your favorite! Happy Independence Day! Marriage365 wants couples to connect in a ‘deeper’ way (pun intended), but connection in marriage isn’t only about sex. It’s about communication, emotional intimacy, forgiveness, boundaries, and much more. Our membership is the most affordable, practical and effective marriage resource to help couples grow in all of these ways.

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Written by Anna Collins

Anna Collins lives in California with her husband and four children. She is passionate about her marriage, staying at home with her kids, writing, coffee, good conversation, and game night. Her life dream is to someday write a book and see it published.

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