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Surviving While Parenting a Child with Autism

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We open up about our own marriage while having a child with special needs. Did you know that 89% of marriages end when faced with raising a child with special needs? C’mon, we have to do better! These kids need us!

4 tips on staying together while parenting a child with special needs

  1. Have 3 nights a week where you don’t talk about autism at all!

  2. Have designated roles for therapies, bills, etc. The more consistent you are the better. If one takes the majority of responsibility, the other one has to be supportive, understanding and give that person a day off once a week.

  3. Date nights are a must if babysitting is an issue, check in with your school district and what services are provided. Often times childcare can be provided for by the state. Ask neighbors, friends, parents.

  4. Be on the same team. You might not agree with every decision, but you have to talk things out, find a solution together. Autistic kids need consistency

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