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Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do After Sex

If you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy, you know that Hollywood portrays sex as this not-at-all messy, always-orgasmic, easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy experience where both people always orgasm together and somehow just throw their clothes back on and hurry out the door to a business meeting or an errand.

But, once you’ve had sex… you know that it is messy, it’s not always easy, and sometimes you have no idea what to do after. Well, we wanted to give you some tips for post-sex do’s and don’ts.


DO take time to cuddle! Sex releases all kinds of endorphins and happy hormones and that skin-to-skin contact with each other after sex keeps the connecting and bonding going.

DO compliment! This is a great time to say things like, “ I really loved when you tried/did _____!” Or, “I really love connecting with you that way!” Your spouse isn’t a mind reader and they won’t know how you felt or what you loved unless you tell them… and telling them goes a long way.

(ladies) DO let your husband know if you need to go to the restroom or shower off after sex to prevent a UTI or a yeast infection.

DO hygiene and hydrate! You both just got all sweaty and burned tons of calories. So after you’ve cuddled, drink some water and hop in the shower together to clean up. This way, you can keep bonding and replenish your H2O!

DON’T immediately start critiquing. If there is something you didn’t like, save it for a later conversation and watch our video 7 MUST-ASK QUESTIONS FOR BETTER SEX to help keep the conversation healthy.

DON’T jump right up and rush off to do something else. Even if it wasn’t the best orgasm you’ve ever had (which is actually rare to experience every single time, despite what movies tell you), you can still slow down and connect by spending time together. Sex isn’t just about sex, it’s about being together. So stay and linger, even if just for 5 minutes!

DON’T forget to wash your sex toys! If you use toys, the worst thing you can do is forget to keep them clean for next time! Neither of you wants a nasty infection… just saying.

REMEMBER! Connecting doesn’t stop once the orgasm does. In fact, the orgasm is just beginning!

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