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Take your conflict resolution from uncompromising to understanding.

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Take your conflict resolution from uncompromising to understanding.

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Conflict is inevitable. How you handle it is what will make or break you.

You and your spouse are different people with different personalities, upbringings, and expectations. Arguments and differences of opinion are a normal and healthy part of marriage.

The goal is NOT a low- or no-conflict marriage (most marriages that end in divorce are low-conflict marriages!) The goal is to learn to handle conflict in a healthy, mutually beneficial way.

Causes of conflict in marriage include:

  • unmet expectations
  • parenting, financial, or other differences
  • opposites [don’t] attract (personality differences that used to be cute now drive you crazy)
  • breakdown of communication
  • unhealed past hurts

Learn how to fight fair.

For many couples, conflict resolution is not only unhealthy; it doesn’t exist at all. We’ll teach you how to face conflict head on and manage it in a healthy and productive way.

Here are our top 3 resources for this topic:


The 4-Step Apology

Did you know that most couples are not apologizing the right way? Yes, there is a healthy and an unhealthy way to own your mistakes and heal your marriage. If you give a sincere apology with the four steps we talk about, then you will stop fighting about the same things over and over again. You’ll start to feel validated, listened to, and most importantly, trust will be built once again.


Avoiding Issues in Your Marriage

Learn why so many spouses are avoiders (it’s rarely that they don’t care) and how to face your marriage problems head-on!


When Your Spouse Stops Trying

If your spouse has stopped making effort, take these 4 steps to ensure they take your marriage seriously.

Affair Recovery Course

If you’re like every one of the thousands of couples we’ve helped, you never imagined looking into a course on affair recovery… but here you are. And the truth is, nobody plans on dealing with the devastation of an affair and many don’t even know how to process it or where to begin.

affair recovery

No topic is off-limits for us.

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A win-win scenario is possible!

Marital conflict is hard. Learn how to overcome arguments so you can move forward in your marriage!