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Take your friendship from flatlining to fulfilling.

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Take your friendship from flatlining to fulfilling.

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"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Research has shown that friendship is a key predictor of lasting marital happiness. Chances are, you and your spouse were the best of friends when you first got married. But with life, responsibilities, and raising a family, who has time for fun and friendship? 


  • spend quality time together
  • talk and share about their lives
  • find common interests 
  • have fun and laugh together
  • forgive each other
  • cheer each other on

Friendship is at the core of a strong marriage.

We’ll help you rediscover the joys of friendship with your spouse, and teach you how to keep your friendship as a top priority in your marriage.

Here are our top 3 resources for this topic:


7 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy

Research continues to show that couples who have strong sexual communication are more satisfied with their sex life and feel emotionally closer. We walk you through 7 questions you and your spouse need to ask each other and explain why these questions cannot be ignored. 


Knowing Your Love Language

Knowing each other’s love languages is important to making sure you’re both feeling loved, and in this video we give you tons of ideas on how to show your spouse love and also what you do if you speak different love languages. *Follow up with watching LOVE LISTS.


Understanding Your Differences

Do opposites attract? Absolutely, and in this video you’ll learn how to break down your differences in a healthy way. *Follow up with APPRECIATING YOUR DIFFERENCES.

Building Friendship Course

This course is all about love, friendship and staying connected!

building friendship course

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Maintaining a friendship with your spouse can be hard. Rekindle your friendship starting now!