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Take your family life from toxic to thriving.

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Take your family life from toxic to thriving.

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They say when you marry someone, you marry their family. It's annoying, but kinda true.

As much as you want it to be just the two of you, it’s not. Family is complicated. There are in-laws, siblings, extended families, blended families — all kinds of differences to contend with. Navigating it all — while keeping your immediate family the priority — can take its toll on your marriage.

Why are families so complex?

  • different cultures, religions, and traditions
  • different expectations
  • setting boundaries is hard
  • holidays come with so much stress 
  • toxic and unhealthy traits
  • wanting to keep peace or please our families
  • not having healthy boundaries modeled

Create your own family culture.

History doesn’t have to repeat itself. We’ll teach you how to recognize toxic traits and set healthy boundaries so that your marriage stays the #1 priority.

Here are our top 3 resources for this topic:


How Your Childhood Impacts Your Marriage

Can your past really impact your marriage? Absolutely it can, and understanding how your childhood experiences are brought into your marriage can provide a great explanation of how you interact with your spouse.


Toxic Family Dynamics

Learn how to identify toxic behavior and establish healthy boundaries when it comes to family. You’ll also learn how to have a productive conversation with your spouse that will allow you to have a united front.


Connection After Baby

Transitioning from a duo to a trio changes EVERYTHING, and most couples experience more stress, exhaustion, and disconnection when a baby arrives. Marriage and Family Therapist Quentin Hafner walks couples through everything they need to know in this new chapter of life — raising kids!

Becoming Stepfamily Smart Course

Being in a blended family is complex and unique in that there are many other people involved who are influencing the marriage relationship, not just the happy couple. We want to educate you about blended family living so learn from stepfamily expert Ron Deal, author and marriage and family therapist, where he will teach you practical and realistic solutions to the obstacles you face as a stepfamily.

Becoming Stepfamily Smart

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Family - and all that comes with it - is hard. Change the course of history, starting today!