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Take your roles & responsibilities from havoc to harmony.

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Take your roles & responsibilities from havoc to harmony.

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In marriage, roles and responsibilities need to be clearly identified and defined.

We wish it could be all fun and games, but marriage is also about adulting. Careers, housework, parenting, financial responsibilities — they may seem like boring details, and many couples would rather bury their heads in the sand than have conversations about them.

The most successful marriages discuss, plan, and execute household responsibilities as a team. For couples who don’t, oftentimes this is their main source of conflict. 

How well-oiled is your machine?

  • Have you discussed your expectations with your spouse?
  • Do you share responsibilities? 
  • Do you ask for help when you need it, or expect your spouse to help without being asked? 
  • Do you have a weekly meeting to discuss priorities and obligations?

The happiest couples share the load.

We’ll help you define and communicate your expectations to your spouse, as well as teach you practical ways to share household responsibilities in a way that works for everyone.

Here are our top 3 resources for this topic:


Weekly Marriage Business Meeting

Get on the same page about your schedules, date nights, budget, sex, and household chores with our most popular worksheet we go over in this video!


How to Make Work, Work

Learn the pros, cons, and best tips for raising a family while pursuing a healthy work-life rhythm. This series explores three different dynamics of work/life scenarios.


The Secrets to Making Decisions as a Couple

The next time you and your spouse have to make a decision, be sure to use these 4 steps. Also, learn what to do when you cannot agree!

10-Day Money Challenge

Trying to merge your money and make financial decisions together can be overwhelming for many couples. Money is one of the top 3 reasons couples divorce so we hope that this 10-day challenge will get you talking about your money habits, goals, and concerns. Every day, there will be a short video (2-4 minutes) where our financial advisors give you one specific action step to take.

the 10 day money challenge

No topic is off-limits for us.

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Household harmony is attainable!

Dealing with roles and responsibilities is hard. We'll help you get your house in order!