Take yourself from empty to empowered.

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Take yourself from empty to empowered.

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Want to make a better marriage? Make a better you.

This is one of our favorite sayings at Marriage365. The best way to start improving your marriage is to work on the only person you have control over: yourself!

Over half of the new members to Marriage365 start out working on their marriage by themselves. If you’re here without the participation of your spouse, know that you can definitely still make a difference in your marriage!   

What is self-discovery about?

  • understanding how your past impacts your present
  • learning more about what makes you “you”
  • growing your emotional intelligence
  • healing your past hurts and traumas
  • improving your confidence
  • identifying your growth areas

Your marriage needs you to be the healthiest version of yourself.

We’ll equip and empower you as you dive into self-discovery, and we’ll give you practical tools to improve yourself in ways that inspire lasting change in your marriage and all aspects of your life.

Here are our top 3 resources for this topic:


How to Save Your Marriage Alone

We want to dispel the myth that “marriage takes two to be happy” and reassure you that the idea of saving your marriage alone is absolutely possible. Meygan spells out how she got healthy, healed, and saved her marriage all by herself. Learn the steps she took and what techniques got Casey’s attention to be willing to get help for their marriage.


How to Fix Insecurity in Marriage

Learn about the different areas in our lives where our insecurities can get in the way of connecting with our spouse. We provide practical steps you can take to build more confidence in yourself.


The Do's and Don'ts of Anger

It’s normal to feel angry but learn what’s really underneath your anger and how to deal with it in a healthy, non-destructive way.

Contagious Confidence Course

Calling all women who want to prioritize your emotional, physical and mental health. Get the confidence and become more self aware in this course.

contagious confidence

No topic is off-limits for us.

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YOU can be the catalyst for change in your marriage!

Prioritizing self-discovery is hard. Dive in and get empowered today!