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Becoming Stepfamily Smart

Being in a blended family is complex and unique in that there are many other people involved who are influencing the marriage relationship, not just the happy couple. We want to educate you about blended family living so learn from stepfamily expert Ron Deal, author and marriage and family therapist, where he will teach you practical and realistic solutions to the obstacles you face as a stepfamily.

Becoming Stepfamily Smart

What is a Marriage365 Course?

Marriage365 Courses are a deeper dive into some of the issues that can impact your marriage. These are great for individuals or couples who want to work through some of the issues holding them back, but either don’t know where to start or need some guidance along the way.

Each lesson provides a video to watch, as well as a corresponding worksheet or connecting questions to help solidify what you’re learning and tailor it to your unique circumstances. 

What to Expect


Video lessons (average video is approx 15 minutes). Number of lessons per course ranges from 3-10.


Dive deeper! Practical and thoughtful questions to apply what you’re learning to your life.


Watch your life and your marriage transform, become healthier, and rise above the average!

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Our videos include everything you ever wanted to know to take your marriage to the next level. No topic is off-limits in our videos — all our conversations are honest, real, and based on years of research and experience.

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Our challenges utilize creative and fun ways to help you break out of a rut and make a difference in your marriage. They’re perfect for people who need structure and want to stick to a daily routine, as well as those who only have a few minutes a day.

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Our courses offer a deeper dive — great for those who want to work through some of the issues holding them back but either don’t know where to start or need some guidance along the way.

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Our downloadable worksheets give you practical exercises and prompts to help solidify what you’re learning. Perfect for visual learners and anyone who wants to become a confident communicator.

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No topic is off-limits for us.

Our on-demand resources contain honest conversations about issues affecting real couples like you. It’s time to make a breakthrough.

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Clearer communication


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