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Casey Caston

Founder & CEO

What gets me up in the morning is energizing husbands to be self aware and confident in handling their emotional selves. Even better is that I get to live out my purpose surrounded by a team so amazingly talented and ninjas at their craft!

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Meygan Caston

Founder & Creative Director

I’m someone who has a passion to help individuals become the healthiest version of themselves but I couldn’t do it alone. Our team works so hard, is vulnerable, and always makes time to have fun! Marriage365 thrives because of our incredible staff.


Justin Powell

What I've learned about marriage:
It’s a miracle that any two people can co-exist while sharing every intimate area of their life…to do this over time requires equal portions of grace, openness, laughter and apologies.
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Haylee Forster

What I've learned about marriage:
Be self-aware and open to growth... both individually and as a couple. And don't forget to have FUN and maintain your friendship to build that emotional intimacy!
Brandon Estrella

Brandon Estrella

What I've learned about marriage:
Communication and compromise are key.
Sharyn Headshot

Sharyn Sakimoto

Customer Service
What I've learned about marriage:
Choose to love, honor and cherish every day. Marriage is a gift. Keep God in the center of the marriage and pray often!

Christy Northrop

Customer Service
What I've learned about marriage:
I'm a recovered "right fighter". You don't always have to be right - it's exhausting.

Vanessa Hogan

Marriage Coach
What I've learned about marriage:
Communicate early and often, have compassion for your spouse’s feelings and listen to understand!
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Cathlene Echan

Social Media
What I've learned about marriage:
Always believe the BEST in your spouse. Lean into the hard times and learn to grow together in the discomfort. Continually look for the good, and choose to show gratitude and love every single day.

Rachel Hughes

What I've learned about marriage:
Be honest, be humble, and always have fun together.

Jordan Avne

Special Projects
What I've learned about marriage:
Love is about commitment - keep choosing love, even when you don't feel like it.

Melanie Etemadi

What I've learned about marriage:
Take regular date nights, find ways to laugh together, have empathy, grace, and be willing to work on yourself.

Sel Thomson

What I've learned about marriage:
Stay tuned for sage advice 🙂

Jon Trujillo

What I've learned about marriage:
Make sure to make time for your spiritual walk. I know that the more time I spend with God, praying and studying the Bible the better husband I am to my wife. When I have my head in a place where I'm focused on eternity the little things that might have bothered me or been irritating aren't that important any longer.

Anna Collins

What I've learned about marriage:
Always remember that equality doesn’t mean equal roles, but instead equal importance. You and your spouse each have unique passions, skills, ideas, wisdom, failures, and experiences that make you who you are. Learn from each other and let each other shine without competition. Be a team!
Jasmin Sharp

Jasmin Sharp

Email Marketing
What I'm looking forward to in marriage:
Growing in love, compassion and communication with the person who brightens each day.