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How To Save Your Marriage Alone


When you’re the only one fighting for your marriage, you feel frustrated, confused, insecure, and lonely. While you never imagined you’d be here, it’s critical you know the next steps in this season because you never want to live with the regret that you could’ve done something.

Meygan, co-founder of Marriage365, lived this for many years in her own marriage and offers you the 7 steps her therapist walked her through and ensures you know exactly what you can do to try and save your marriage alone. Here are the topics she covers…

  • How to handle an unhealthy spouse
  • How to become more confident & self-aware
  • Practical things you can do to get your spouse’s attention
  • How to overcome hurt feelings
  • How to set boundaries with your spouse
  • A timeline of how long you stay in a one-sided marriage
  • What does sexual intimacy look like in this season

This video is one hour long and includes a 12-page worksheet that includes journal prompts, book recommendations, and additional action steps you can take in this season.

*This video is included in a Marriage365 Membership, as well as hundreds of other videos and resources.