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Nicole Westh

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Hi, my name is Nicole! I’m a Chilean graphic designer and photographer who grew up in the capital Santiago de Chile. I love to travel, which is how my husband Magnus and I met! I was living and working in Sweden and we fell in love immediately.

We truly believe in marriage and for this reason we like to spend time learning how to work as a team and be better for each other. We love helping out in our local church where we are leaders of worship and communications.

Best thing about marriage:

There’s nothing like being married! I love that I get to hang out with my best friend every day.

I personally love that I always have someone to talk to, share inside jokes with and that we support each other through highs and lows. We try to encourage each other to do better, and always  respect and encourage one another. For us, marriage is many things, and some of the biggest things in our marriage is acceptance, understanding and healing. But we’ve learned to communicate our needs and are still learning to be better listeners.

Favorite Marriage365 Video/Course:

Still discovering….

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