Courses designed to make a “better you”.

Are you ready to learn what it takes to have a successful marriage? Is counseling too expensive and hasn't delivered results?

Build confidence. Grow emotionally.
Create boundaries. Heal the past. Get inspired.
All from the comfort of your home.

Join Casey and Meygan on a journey toward
hope, healing, and happiness in your marriage.

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Each Course Includes...

Inspirational Videos where you'll learn valuable insights and relationship concepts that will ignite the change you’re looking for.
Connecting Questions Worksheets to get you talking about what you learned from the video and action steps to help you put it into practice.

Our Courses


Affair Recovery

Whether the affair happened years ago or it was just discovered today, this course is designed to be the first step in your recovery process. It will give you hope and healing no matter what you've experienced in your marriage.


A self-guided course with lifetime access

Happily Ever After

This premarital course is designed for seriously dating, engaged, and newlywed couples, covering all the basics to ensure you have a healthy, thriving relationship.


A self-guided course with lifetime access


Every person who values their spouse and wants to have a kick ass marriage should follow Marriage365.

- Trisha

Marriage365 saved my marriage from falling apart! Your advice is the best out there!

- Katherine

To say that we’re superfans is an understatement. You two have radically changed the dynamic of our marriage in more ways than one.

- Team Cook

Casey & Meygan - you guys are authentic, funny and so helpful. Not sure if we could’ve made it this far without your help!

- Nancy & Jared

After years of therapy and seeing little results, your membership was a breath of fresh air to my soul

- Rebecca

I’m a long time follower and member and can honestly say that Marriage365 is the most practical and helpful marriage resource available. I’m obsessed.

- Vivian

Authentic + Helpful + Innovative + Honest + Fun = Marriage365

- Anna & Lane

Contagious Confidence

Do you want to become less insecure and more confident? If you’re looking to make your emotional, physical, and mental health a priority, this course is for YOU!


4-week online course


Healthy Husbands

Whatever your struggles, perhaps a father wound, addiction, maybe you’ve become relationally lazy, or you just don’t know what to do next, discover how to become the man your family needs most.


4-week online course

If you’re like me and have no clue how to work on your marriage by yourself, take one of their courses. It’s like a marriage 101 for dummies. Lol

- Gena

I needed a step by step guide on what to do next with my disrespectful family members and this course gave me the confidence to set boundaries.

- Faith

My wife was begging me for months to take one of the courses and I’m so glad I finally did. I think they’re perfect for husbands who don’t like couples counseling but do love their wife.

- Mike

I was tired of not seeing change in my marriage and immersed myself in your courses and now am enjoying a new, healthy chapter of my marriage.

- Robyn 

Your better boundaries course helped me realize I do NOT follow through. But no more! Thank you for teaching me the steps to implement healthy boundaries in my marriage.

- Jessica


Rebuilding Trust

Trust is a foundational element to all relationships. It can be broken easily, yet few couples know how to rebuild it. This course will help you and your spouse restore the harmony you once had.


4-week online course

Reignite Your Sexual Intimacy

Has your intimacy become predictable, infrequent, even non-existent? If so, this course will help you with the connection you’re longing for.


4-week online course


Is My Marriage Worth Fighting For?

If you’re feeling angry, confused, insecure, or indifferent towards your spouse and don’t know what to do, this course will help you heal and gain clarity.


4-week online course


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