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Our Favorite Games To Play During Game Night

      While Casey and I are more different than alike, the one area we have always had in common is our love for games. Board games, card games, video games…we love them all. This has been an incredible way for us to connect and have fun together, no matter how tired we are …

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Our Favorite Movies For Date Night

In-home date nights are some of our favorites… …and some evenings we just want to cuddle up after a long day of work, share some popcorn, and watch a movie. We decided to put together our favorite date night movies of all time and even included a connecting question to ask each other after you’ve …

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How To Seduce Your Husband

MATURE CONTENT ALERT: This is an R-rated blog post intended for married women who have an open mind and who want to have a healthy and thriving sex life, but need a few ideas to help seduce their husbands!  Behind every sexy and seductive wife is a CONFIDENT woman! Confident women are passionate, fun, and …

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20 Halloween Texts To Send Your Spouse

      We love dressing up, carving pumpkins, drinking apple cider, and taking our kids trick-or-treating.   We also love MAKING EACH OTHER LAUGH and FINDING SIMPLE WAYS TO FLIRT with each other, so here are some cute, funny, and even SEXY TEXTS to send to your spouse this Halloween. You’re a total zom-babe If …

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20 Spring Date Ideas

Spring is here! There are so many things to love about spring, but some of my favorites are that the flowers are blooming, the sun will start staying up a little longer, and there are all kinds of new possibilities to connect with my spouse. Every season brings its own unique atmosphere and we urge …

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13 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Here’s the thing: Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic, not expensive. We need to do away with the idea that romance always has to cost an arm and a leg. It doesn’t. If you have the resources available and you want to spend a lot on your spouse, that’s amazing. Do it and have …

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35 Winter Date Ideas

   Winter is right around the corner!!! Are you as excited as I am!? Here in Southern California, even our “fall season” can get up to 85 degrees and that just doesn’t feel fair to me! I LOVE the wintertime because the weather is cooler, the cocoa is hot, and the possibilities for falling even …

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35 Date Night Questions to Ask Your Spouse

“How was your day babe?” – Been there, done that… and we know you have too! Asking a variety of open-ended questions is the #1 way to build that emotional connection that we all long for. Take this list on your next date night, road trip, or ask them over dinner and we promise you’ll start …

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30 Summer Date Ideas We Think You’ll Love

  It’s summertime! That means BBQs with loved ones, family road trips, and picnics at the park. The word SUMMER instantly brings this unique feeling of freedom and anticipation of fun memories and recreation. So, if summer can offer all of that to you, what can it offer to your marriage? I can sum it …

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