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Category: Money

The Best Present for the Engaged Couple in Your Life

     What better gift could you give your newly engaged friends or family than their very own “Happily Ever After”?! We sure can’t think …

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How We Paid OFF $200k Of Debt

We HATE talking about money. Budgets, spreadsheets, credit limits, financial goals, retirement funds… we’d rather talk about anything than have to face our money head …

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4 Ways To Put Your Marriage Before Your Money

Money and marriage don’t always mix well. In fact, money is a LEADING stressor among marriages all over the globe! It has all sorts of …

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A Simple Guide to Budgeting as a Couple

   It is no secret that money is one of the most conflicting topics inside marriage. Each individual in the marriage comes to the table with a …

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4 Mistakes Couples Make During The Home Buying Process

   For many couples, buying a home in which to start a life together is a major dream coming into reality, but the elation often …

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How To Re-Ignite Intimacy In Your Marriage

     Occasionally in marriage we go through dry-spells. It happens and it can happen to all of us for a variety of different reasons. …

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