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Category: Self-Discovery

8 Habits of a Confident Woman

While most people who see me online consider me a very confident person, you must know that for almost a decade of my adult life, …

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Marriage365 Book: 365 Self Discovery Questions

13 Self Discovery Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

The journey of becoming self-aware is the process of self-discovery and that starts by asking yourself great questions. Self-discovery is the pathway to building greater …

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What Every Divorced Person Should Do

Everyone’s divorce story is different. Maybe you were married for a long time and are still in shock this happened. Maybe you were only married …

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12 Social Media Etiquette Tips

In a world where social media is everywhere… it’s important to know some basic rules, as well as some etiquette tools to keep us on …

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Signs Your Therapist Isn’t a Good Fit

Seeing a therapist… is an important part of mental health, growth, self-awareness, and getting through painful and challenging life experiences. However, if you’ve never been …

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How To Recognize Abuse

ABUSE. A topic so painful to lean into that most people end up avoiding it altogether. Abuse comes in several different forms and all of …

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A Look Inside Interracial Marriage

I am a half black, half white man married to a Korean American woman and this is our story on how we experienced racial reconciliation in …

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18 Positive Self Talk Examples

The power of positivity! Something I’m certain you’ve heard of, but so many struggle with… and we want to talk about why! Our thoughts influence …

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23 Questions To Ask Yourself Post-Quarantine

I believe that this year has given each of us the unique, personalized, and very intimate experience of “self-reflection”… …more than probably any other year …

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How To Seduce Your Husband

MATURE CONTENT ALERT: This is an R-rated blog post intended for married women who have an open mind and who want to have a healthy …

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