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Category: Self-Discovery

Spend Less Time On Your Phone With These 7 Tips

I’m not sure about you, but…. I don’t want to look back 20 years from now and know that I missed out on some of …

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18 Questions For Checking In With Yourself

Being self-aware is extremely beneficial, and allows you to have a deeper understanding of your emotions, actions, and why you do what you do. As …

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Are You a Trustworthy Spouse?

Trust is the glue that holds marriages together. Trust provides an emotional safety net to share your deepest struggles, fears, feelings and desires without fear …

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Dealing with Depression in Marriage

No one gets married expecting something like crippling depression to dig in its dirty claws and wreak havoc, but it happens all the time, to …

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8 Red Flags That It Really Might Be Too Late

I’ve got to shoot straight with you: This is a painful blog for me to write, because I want to believe that there is hope …

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10 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise based on the nature of what we do here at Marriage365, but we get a lot of messages …

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Help – My Spouse Won’t Change!

I wasted so much of my life waiting around for my husband to change. I actually tried several different tactics that I was secretly hoping …

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How Forgiving My Husband Changed My Life & Saved Our Marriage

It was our third year of marriage and I hated who I had become. Where was the fun, passionate and empathetic Meygan I once was? …

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30 Questions to Build Self-Awareness

In my opinion, self-awareness is the number one attribute that makes someone healthy. The more self-aware a person is, the better spouse, friend, parent and …

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50 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Married

Falling in love is easy but staying in love takes a lot of commitment and self-awareness. Getting married will be one of the biggest decisions you’ll …

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