4-Week Online Course: Contagious Confidence

4-Week Online Course: Contagious Confidence


Do you want to become less insecure and more confident in your life? If you’re needing a jump start into making your emotional, physical and mental health a priority, this online course is for YOU!

Meygan will walk you through her best methods for becoming more self-aware while also teaching you steps to heal the broken pieces of your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week 1: The 3 steps it takes to start becoming more confident and self-aware.

Week 2: The top self-care tips and how to make your emotional, spiritual, and physical health a priority.

Week 3: How to forgive those who have caused you pain and finally let it go for good. Also, how to forgive yourself.

Week 4: What boundaries are, why they’re important, how to create them, how to communicate them, and what to do if someone continues to disrespect your boundaries.

Every week, you’ll receive a teaching video and a PDF worksheet (via email) with journal prompts that will help you apply what you learned into your life.

Bonus worksheets included in this course are: Meygan’s journaling Tips, Setting Boundaries Worksheet and Feelings Words List.

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Notes: This is a digital product. You will need a device (computer, laptop, smartphone) to play videos and open PDFs. You will be emailed the course content starting with the first email the day of your purchase. You can work through the course content at your own pace and will have lifetime access.

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