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Marriage365 Ambassadors

We are thrilled to partner with real life couples who are excited to join our mission of guiding and inspiring relationships all over the world. Our team of passionate ambassadors are not only seeking to improve their own marriages, but want to collectively and creatively support yours. 

Want to become a Marriage365 Ambassador?

Brand Personality:

  • TRADITIONALLY HIP: We appreciate the values of the past and bring them uniquely into the present
  • GRACIOUSLY INCLUSIVE: We accept everyone for who they are and allow them to participate
  • CHAMPIONS OF TRUTH: We speak truth into relationships to foster healthy marriages
  • PRACTICAL: We offer information that applies to real life
  • INTENTIONAL: We do things with purpose and live life with a plan
  • HUMBLE: We will always present ourselves in a posture of serving others

We’re always on the lookout for new faces who are also Marriage365 members to join our growing team of ambassadors that encompass our brand personality and want to authentically promote Marriage365’s membership, resources, tools, latest launches and events on their social media platforms!

Ambassador Perks


Our Marriage365 Resources

As a Marriage365 ambassador, you’ll receive a FREE full year of the Marriage365 membership and our entire library of books to experience our life changing and marriage boosting resources for yourself. 


Collaborative Opportunities

For your partnership, you’ll receive a unique membership discount code for your social media followers, VIP rates for our bi-annual marriage retreats, access to exclusive “Ambassadors only” in-person and virtual events, plus a chance to build your brand through features and collaborations with Marriage365’s various social media and membership platforms. 



There will be nothing more rewarding than knowing YOU are making a positive and authentic impact to keep couples connected and help them grow! At Marriage365, we want to inspire 1 million marriages to become healthier and happier. With YOUR efforts, we know we can reach this goal because we believe YOU have embraced our same passion and core message: Don’t settle for an average marriage! 

Ready to become a Marriage365 Ambassador?

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Ambassador goals

To authentically promote Marriage365’s membership, resources, tools, latest launches, and events by using YOUR personality and creativity on social media. Remember, your followers trust YOU and want to hear YOUR perspective about our membership and our core message: Don’t settle for an average marriage!

A little about us...

Casey and Meygan Caston were “the couple least likely to succeed”. After quickly falling in love in college and then saying “I do”, they found themselves heading towards divorce by their 3rd year of marriage.

To avoid becoming the next divorce statistic, Meygan learned that to make a better marriage, it started with making a better YOU. She stopped focusing on what Casey wasn’t doing and focused on what she could do, and you can bet, Casey took notice. Together, they made the healthy choice to work on their marriage and completely transformed their lives. They realized they weren’t alone on this journey because, let’s face it, there is no perfect marriage. So they set out to affordably share their years of research, unique perspective, and techniques with every couple, anytime, anywhere.

Our tools & resources

To get our members started, we ask them to first answer a “Marriage365 Checkup” questionnaire to provide direction on where to begin within our 4 main membership resources: 









We also have hundreds of date ideas, 1000+ connecting questions, and step-by-step guides for marriages. Plus, members now can access our library of content through our new app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our content focus

At Marriage365, we are committed to being authentic and vulnerable. The reality is that no marriage is perfect. Marriage is messy and our customers love that we’re real about everyday marriage problems. It is how we earn and keep our customer’s trust and loyalty. Therefore, we don’t expect perfected content or posed images on posts, stories, and reels.

  • Get creative and show how you plan to use the app when you see your marriage needs some attention
  • Get personal and show the work involved with our membership
  • Get silly by sharing how you and your spouse answer a question from our popular books