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Category: Conflict

How To Appreciate Your Differences

   Do opposites attract? They sure do! It’s managing those opposites once you move past attraction and into marriage that becomes critical to your success. …

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Dear Fellow Husband: How To Find Emotional Connection With Your Wife

Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this post it’s because you’re having problems connecting with your wife. It is called “How to Find Emotional Connection …

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Why Is My Spouse So Distant?

When you’re dating it feels like you can’t possibly get enough of each other. It seems like any time spent apart leaves you with a …

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The 4 Predictors of Divorce

     No one intends to get married with the goal of ending it all in a bitter divorce, yet 50% of couples tying the …

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How To Fight So You Both Win

Think about the last disagreement you and your spouse had. Are you proud of the way you handled it? Conflict is an unavoidable part of …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Your Addicted Spouse

     In 2016 alone, more than 50,000 people died of an overdose. Unfortunately, addiction is a problem that is touching many households. In this …

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Blended Family Marriages – After the “I Do’s”

The dating was exciting. The wedding was perfect. But you didn’t expect the ‘one big, happy family’ to not be so happy… Welcome to blended …

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How Toxic People Can Harm Your Marriage

Toxic people can do major damage to your marriage. We all can think of at least 3 people in our lives that have caused us …

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How To Keep Boundaries With The Opposite Sex

The word “boundary” is viewed as a negative word for many… But I think it’s because they don’t fully understand what boundaries are and how they …

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What To Do When You Want Counseling, But Your Spouse Doesn’t

Marriages suffer for all kinds of reasons: lack of regular maintenance, an affair, an addiction, unhealthy behaviors (i.e. nagging, manipulating, belittling, name-calling etc.), in-laws, poor …

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