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Help, I have Monster-In-Laws!

If you don’t know this by now, between both sets of our parents, there are 12 marriages. Yes you read that correctly – 12. So you can imagine how much family drama we’ve encountered in our years together. The holidays, the step parents, the hurt feelings, the critical in-laws, the expectations, the gossip – you …

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How Toxic People Can Harm Your Marriage

  <img src=”” alt=”toxic-people-marriage.jpg” />    Toxic people can do major damage to your marriage. We all can think of at least 3 people in our lives that have caused us more harm than good and for some reason we keep putting up with their behaviors. It’s not that the whole person is toxic. Rather, …

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4 Holiday Tips for Married Couples

   Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la…. Yeah right. The first 8 years of our marriage we spent every Christmas going back and forth between my parents, Casey’s parents, grandparents homes, friends holiday parties to the point where we were frustrated, had zero sex drive and laid …

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10 Quick Tips on Dealing with In-Laws

When you married your spouse, you married their parents…like it or not. And if you plan on going the distance in marriage, which we hope you will, then you are with them forever too. We’ve heard reports of families with healthy relationships on both sides, a rare case indeed. For the rest of us, we need …

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