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Take your love life from ordinary to orgasmic.

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Take your love life from ordinary to orgasmic.

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Over half of all married couples struggle with intimacy.

And up to 20% of couples live in a sexless marriage.


  • lack of emotional intimacy in childhood
  • religious and cultural teachings around sex
  • pornography addiction
  • lack of healthy conversations about sex
  • not knowing your erotic language and desires
  • becoming a lazy lover

You deserve better than an average sex life.

We’ll help you have the tough conversations (in a safe space!) to discover what you and your partner need to reach new heights of intimacy in your marriage.

Here are our top 3 resources for this topic:


Understanding the Clitoris

Sex Therapist Laurie Watson gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about the clitoris and vulva. This video is recommended for men and women!


A Sexless Marriage

We give you the top 18 reasons why you could be in a sexless marriage and give you next steps to change things around.


How Often Should Couples be Having Sex

Get a sex therapist’s answer to the question everyone wants to know – how often should we be having sex?

7-Day Sex Challenge

If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to spice up your sex life, this challenge is exactly what you need! The challenge is designed to be fun and playful, and as a result, we hope you’ll experience more sex, more intimacy, and more connection. Each day, there will be a short video (2-4 minutes) where we’ll give you a specific foreplay technique to incorporate, and then the goal is for you to have sex 7 days in a row.

No topic is off-limits for us.

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An exceptional, fulfilling sex life is achievable!

Dealing with barriers to intimacy is hard. Break free of what’s holding you back and rekindle the spark!