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How to Know if You’re a Kick A$$ Husband

I don’t think any man gets married and thinks to himself, “I want to be a lazy, emotionally distant, or an unintentional husband”. Unfortunately, it …

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Our Best Marriage Advice

    I’m sure you’ve read a dozen or so blogs and articles from experts that express their best marriage advice and tips. Well, after …

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4 Ways To Keep The Peace After Baby Arrives

   Do you know what the hardest part about bringing home a new baby is? The answer is truly a lot simpler than you might …

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Spend Less Time On Your Phone With These 7 Tips

I’m not sure about you, but…. I don’t want to look back 20 years from now and know that I missed out on some of …

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18 Questions For Checking In With Yourself

Being self-aware is extremely beneficial, and allows you to have a deeper understanding of your emotions, actions, and why you do what you do. As …

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How We Paid OFF $200k Of Debt

We HATE talking about money. Budgets, spreadsheets, credit limits, financial goals, retirement funds… we’d rather talk about anything than have to face our money head …

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4 Ways To Put Your Marriage Before Your Money

Money and marriage don’t always mix well. In fact, money is a LEADING stressor among marriages all over the globe! It has all sorts of …

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4 Ways to Connect With Your Kids on a Deeper Level

Connecting with our children in this age of “technology” is getting increasingly more challenging. It seems that kids of all ages, babies through teenagers, are …

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6 Steps To Fighting Fair

Some say, “all is fair in love and war” – but in my opinion, that actually isn’t true. If you really sit down and think …

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What Divorced People Wished They Had Done Differently

Unfortunately, after a marriage ends in divorce is typically the time you start to gain some perspective. Hindsight is 20/20, right? It is much easier, …

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4 Myths About Porn That You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a blog to shame, scare, guilt, or lecture yourself or your spouse into walking away from porn… you won’t find it …

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Are You a Trustworthy Spouse?

Trust is the glue that holds marriages together. Trust provides an emotional safety net to share your deepest struggles, fears, feelings and desires without fear …

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