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Our Favorite Movies For Date Night

In-home date nights are some of our favorites… …and some evenings we just want to cuddle up after a long day of work, share some …

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Understanding Your Desire Style For Better Sex

Do you fight about sex in your marriage? You’re not alone.  One of most common arguments among married couples is how often they’re having sex. …

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Anger Can be an Opportunity, Not an Obstacle

Anger doesn’t have to be negative, but oftentimes we allow it to be so. At the heart of anger there is a rallying cry inside …

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23 Valentine’s Texts to Send Your Spouse

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, connection and reminding your spouse that you still love them. Here are some funny, sexy and romantic texts to …

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How To Seduce Your Husband

MATURE CONTENT ALERT: This is an R-rated blog post intended for married women who have an open mind and who want to have a healthy …

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Blended Families: Assumptions vs. Facts

“He doesn’t prioritize me.” “She doesn’t like my kids.” “I think my step kids hate me.” “My spouse’s ex must think I’m crazy.” Welcome to …

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Discovering Infidelity in Your Marriage

I remember the night I finally had proof of the affair. I had suspicions for months but nothing to stand on. And then one night …

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The Best Present for the Engaged Couple in Your Life

     What better gift could you give your newly engaged friends or family than their very own “Happily Ever After”?! We sure can’t think …

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23 Holiday Texts To Send Your Spouse

Texting is one of the best ways to stay connected to your spouse in the busyness of life. While the holiday season is filled with …

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Blended Family Marriages: Expect Less To Get More

“If you don’t succeed at first, try, try again!”  BUT…BEWARE if you keep trying the same thing, you will continue to get the same result. …

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Wives-Here’s How To Get Your Husband To Grow Emotionally

   Flowers don’t bloom by you nagging them. They bloom when you give them enough sunlight and water them the appropriate amount. Your husband works …

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20 Halloween Texts To Send Your Spouse

      We love dressing up, carving pumpkins, drinking apple cider, and taking our kids trick-or-treating.   We also love MAKING EACH OTHER LAUGH …

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