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Dealing with Depression in Marriage

No one gets married expecting something like crippling depression to dig in its dirty claws and wreak havoc, but it happens all the time, to …

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8 Red Flags That It Really Might Be Too Late

I’ve got to shoot straight with you: This is a painful blog for me to write, because I want to believe that there is hope …

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Are Toxic Family Members Affecting Your Marriage? Here’s What You Can Do

Meygan and I both admit that there have been many times we’ve made excuses for our family’s toxic behavior because… well, they’re family. We’ve minimized the inappropriate comments, …

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How to Stay in Love During Hard Times

Have you ever been in a season where you feel like the “light at the end of the tunnel” will never come, and that you …

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7 Tips to Surviving and Thriving in A Long Distance Marriage

Marriage is a wild and challenging journey all on its own. So it makes sense that, no matter the reason, when you add ‘long-distance’ into …

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Our Best Tips for Newlyweds

  Photo courtesy of Kori & Jared Photography    The vows have been exchanged, the gifts have been unwrapped, the honeymoon was a blast, and the …

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10 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise based on the nature of what we do here at Marriage365, but we get a lot of messages …

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Help – My Spouse Won’t Change!

I wasted so much of my life waiting around for my husband to change. I actually tried several different tactics that I was secretly hoping …

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3 Ways to Get Your Spouse’s Attention

   Once you feel like your spouse has “checked out”, it can be challenging to get back on the right track again. Feeling unseen and …

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20 Spring Date Ideas

Spring is here! There are so many things to love about spring, but some of my favorites are that the flowers are blooming, the sun …

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16 Road Trip Conversation Starters for Families

Family Road Trip! Having an opportunity to blast some music, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and talk without interruptions are just some of the reasons we …

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5 Spring Break Ideas For Your Family

Spring Break is around the corner! While students of all ages everywhere are filled with delight as spring break edges closer, almost every parent feels …

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