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Getting started with Membership is easy and will change your marriage.

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Getting started with Membership is easy and will change your marriage. ​

Start your membership today!

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A Healthy Marriage is Worth It

You’re only a few steps away from the best resource out there for marriages that need affordable and practical tools that bring real change. 

Step 1

Sign up for membership

We believe that every couple deserves access to affordable marriage resources that work!  

After entering your email address, you will be given the option to choose between a monthly and yearly subscription. Both plans give you access to the same resources and include two private accounts for you and your spouse. 

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Step 2

Take the Marriage365 Checkup

Once you complete your registration, you’ll be asked to do a 30-second self-assessment on how you ‘show up’ in your marriage. You have the option to take a more in-depth assessment if you would like to, but it’s not critical for jumping into Membership. 

Step 3

Work on what matters to you

Your checkup results will arrange our categories of resources in the order that matters most to you. Each of these categories contains videos, courses and worksheets that get to the issues impacting your marriage. 


marriage365 app

Step 4

Get a quick win

We know you’re busy, so all our videos include audio-only options, perfect for listening in the car or while exercising, cooking, doing housework, or otherwise multi-tasking. 

Step 5

Add your spouse to your account

Now it’s up to you to get started! Anytime, anywhere, on your own or with your spouse. Even just a few minutes a day will give you practical tools to help your marriage!

In addition to our other resources, we’ll offer lots of fun date and conversation ideas to spark more connection and romance in your marriage. 


Step 6

Download the app

The best way to use Marriage365 Membership is in our free iPhone or Android app. 

The app will remind you to log in, tracks your progress, and suggests content. It also includes our popular audio only feature that makes it easy to engage with content while on the go (or working around the house!). 

Getting started is easy...

Marriage365 is an online membership you can access from any device, giving you instant access to a growing library of videos, courses, challenges, and downloadable resources that will help you rise above the average and create lasting change in your marriage.

Take our Marriage365 Checkup

Let us get to know you better. What’s working well and what areas could use some improvement in your marriage? 


We'll suggest resources based on your needs

We’ll guide you to the best videos, courses and challenges so you know exactly what steps you need to take. But feel free to take a self-guided tour at any time as well! 

Make your marriage awesome!

Now it’s up to you to get started! Anytime, anywhere, on your own or with your spouse. Even just a few minutes a day will give you practical tools to help your marriage! 


asked questions

Yes and no. We won’t force you to go through any particular order or number of videos or resources — your membership is yours to use as you see fit. 

That said, we have so many resources and we understand it may be hard to know where to start or where to go next. So we’ll always recommend resources based on your needs. You’ll also get to see our new releases as well as trending and top performing resources.

Yes! Whether you’re a Marriage365 member or not, you can take advantage of our awesome and experienced life and marriage coaches.

Online coaching is a great fit if you’re needing accountability, looking to heal emotionally, and want to create healthy habits that will positively impact your life and marriage.  

You will be required to pay for coaching separately from your membership. Once you sign up with one of our coaches, you’ll be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your first virtual session.

Learn more about Relationship Coaching here.

We know you’re busy, and that’s why we’ve created a wide variety of resources for all types of people and schedules!

Whether you have two minutes or an hour to spare, you can get something out of a Marriage365 membership. Our average video is about 20 minutes. 

Our videos come with an audio-only option, which is great for those who like to maximize their time in the car, at the gym, on a walk, etc.

First off, we’re proud of you for taking this brave and powerful first step toward an incredible marriage! 

And second, you’re not alone! Far from it, in fact. About 60% of our members initially join without their partners’ participation. If you watch Casey & Meygan’s story, you’ll see that Meygan started out working on their marriage alone too. 

The great thing about a Marriage365 membership is that our resources offer lots of practical tips that can benefit your marriage even if just one spouse is doing them. One of our videos is even titled “How to Save Your Marriage Alone”. We also provide tips for getting your spouse to engage in membership. You can do this, and we’re here to help. Don’t give up hope! 

There are definitely situations where therapy may be necessary, such as abuse in the marriage, childhood trauma, substance abuse, etc. In those cases, our resources are a great complement to therapy, giving you practical, everyday tools to help grow your marriage while you do the deep work. 

There’s no contract — you’re free to cancel at any time. 

No. While the founders have faith, we want to make sure that every couple, no matter what they believe in, has access to quality relationship resources. Marriage365 is for people of all ages, races, religions, and countries. 

Yes! Happily Ever After is our online premarital course for seriously dating and engaged couples. You get access to teaching videos, all of our must-ask questions for you and your fiancé to go through, and our action plans that will build a strong foundation for your future marriage. This course includes lifetime access and a relationship checkup. Learn more about Happily Ever After here.

We also have a book for seriously dating and engaged couples you can find here.

About the app

Yes! The app is free to use with your member login. Sign up for your membership here, or existing members can use their login credentials to log in to the app after you’ve downloaded it to your device.

The app has lots of great features to help keep you engaged and growing, including:

  • Marriage365 Checkup history to gauge your progress
  • Push notifications, including trending and new content; suggested content; daily reminders for challenges, and more!
  • A new and improved search function!
  • The ability to personalize your profile by adding a photo
  • History of all the videos you have watched
  • The ability to see all videos, worksheets, courses and challenges that are offered

Each user is now only able to log into their OWN profile by using their existing username and password. If you’ve forgotten either of those, can assist you!

You can make changes to your profile, such as password changes or profile picture changes. However, any changes associated with payment must be made within your membership at These changes include changing your payment from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly; updating your payment information; canceling your account; reinstating your account, etc.

For users who do not have smartphones or do not wish to use the app, you can still continue to enjoy all the benefits of membership and access all our resources from the website,

Please email us at for any issues with the app or your membership. If you have any feedback regarding the app, please use the form below to share it with us.

Incredible marriages don't just happen - they're made.

To help build your incredible marriage, we’ll give you unlimited access to our ever-growing, on-demand library of practical tools and proven resources, including: 



Our videos include everything you ever wanted to know to take your marriage to the next level. No topic is off-limits in our videos — all our conversations are honest, real, and based on years of research and experience. 



Our challenges utilize creative and fun ways to help you break out of a rut and make a difference in your marriage. They’re perfect for people who need structure and want to stick to a daily routine, as well as those who only have a few minutes a day. 



Our courses offer a deeper dive — great for those who want to work through some of the issues holding them back but either don’t know where to start or need some guidance along the way.



Our downloadable worksheets give you practical exercises and prompts to help solidify what you’re learning. Perfect for visual learners and anyone who wants to become a confident communicator. 

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